Monday, November 23, 2009

My Learning Curve: Resilience

I'm continuing to plow through my phonebook-sized reading assignment from the agency and today I happened on a topic that's got me thinking: resilience.

Some people just seem to be more resilient than others. Resilience is the ability to fall down and get back up; to suffer great adversity and keep going. You get the picture.

Some kids coming from the worst of situations seem to grow up to be healthy and happy with very little baggage from the past. They overcome. Others struggle with a lifetime of fallout.

I'm praying that God will make Wen Xin resilient.

It makes me think of the Old Testament story of Joseph. Joseph was resilient, and God used all the evil that the world threw at Joseph to bring about great good. That's why "Joseph" is my American name of choice for Wen Xin. I've just got to get Mike onboard.

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