Monday, January 31, 2011

And sometimes things don't work. . .

I just took Nyquil and am heading to bed soon, so I thought I'd go ahead and post for Tuesday. 

Lest it sound as if everything is working at our house, here's a typical conversation from a day when I'm trying to homeschool all four kids.

The girl who's doing math:  "What's wrong with me? I can't remember 8 + 5."

Me: "Sure you can, Honey. You've known that for a long time."

Wenxin:  "I don't have anything to do."

Me:  "Here, why don't you draw a picture in your sketchbook until Mommy is ready to teach you."

Girl who's doing chores yells from the bathroom:  "Something's wrong with the potty."

Wenxin:  "Too hard."  Scribbles something and begins to cry.

Me:  "That's good, Wenxin.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  Just do your best."

Wenxin, wailing now: "That IS my best."  Mumbles loudly enough for me to hear: "Not good. . . not good at all."

Me:  "OK, Honey, why don't you just play for a little while."

Wenxin:  "Play what?"

Girl who's doing chores yells from the bathroom: "Don't you care that something is seriously wrong with the potty?"

Girl who can't remember 8 + 5 starts to cry.

Nathan walks by and says, "Mom, do you think it's possible that there really might be parallel universes?"

I utter a silent prayer thanking God that we don't keep firearms in this house.

Hanging on to my sanity by just a thread,



  1. sounds like a pretty normal homeschool day to me! ^_^ soproud of you!

  2. Yeah baby, real life 101. We got it too!

    One day at a time, thankfully that is what God gives us.

  3. Ha Ha, love that! I found myself actually standing in the driveway today holding my palms out like i was stopping traffic. I was actually trying to shush two different kids so I could hear the third who I needed to talk to. Then I gave the 'proceed' signal to the next in line and the 'talk to the hand' to number four. Nearly pulled all my hair out today. One day they do grow up right?

  4. I dont even home school and my house sounds like that!


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