Friday, December 13, 2013

All is Calm. All is Bright. At Least in the Photos.

Anyone else stressed?

Wenxin greeted me this morning just like he has every morning in December. 

"Hey Mom, it's 11 more days til Christmas. 4 more days til Nathan's birthday. 9 more days til Grandma comes. And 17 more days til my birthday." He'll repeat the message at regular intervals throughout the day.

Maybe he's just excited. . . or maybe he's realized that there is real reason to be concerned that Mom's not going to get it all done in time this year.

Here are a couple of links for those of us who find that Christmas looks more calm and bright in our photos than in real life. (The second one is a post I wrote last Christmas for my older child adoption friends.)

Hang in there, ladies!


  1. The worst bit of Christmas is the shopping, I hate that and find it very stressful


  2. Love your photos - wishing you a wonderful Christmas!!

    Blessings, Ashley

  3. You captured some beautiful bokeh! I know you will get it all done and come thru for W!

  4. Love your pictures! We have a December birthday, too! Hanging in there, trying to enjoy the moment!

  5. I totally am in the same boat. Time is moving a long too fast and I'm pretty sure it is not all going to get done....but it always does! You can do it!


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