Q: Why do you call your blog Death by Great Wall? Are you saying older child adoption is a bad thing?
A: Smile. It's a good thing, just like "Death by Chocolate" is usually a really good dessert. For the story behind the name, click here.

Q: Why did you choose to adopt from China?
A: You can find the answer in my very first post: Why China?

Q:  How do you say your adopted son's name?  Don't you have a problem with people mispronouncing it?
A:  His name, Wenxin, is pronounced Wen Sheen, like the actor, Charlie Sheen.  Once we explain it that way, everyone can say it.  For more on our decision to keep his Chinese name, click here.

Q:  How did you adopt a boy from China?  I didn't think you could do that.
A:  You can.  While it's true that most children adopted from China are girls, there are also Chinese boys in orphanages.  I wrote more about this issue here.

Q:  Why do you moderate comments on this blog?
A:  I moderate comments because I get a lot of spam, things like people trying to sell fake purses or prescription drugs on my blog.  I try to approve comments quickly to keep the discussion going.