Sunday, October 9, 2011


Fall.  Four home schooled kids.  Three soccer teams.  One Boy Scout troop.  A husband who travels.  And a mom with a broken foot.

It doesn't leave much time to blog.

But some things are too encouraging to leave unrecorded.

Last night, Wenxin and I were lying on my bed just having some talk and snuggle time before bed when he looked up at me and asked, "Do you think if another mom had adopted me, I would love her as much as I love you?"

It was a great opportunity to talk about how God works in our lives.  God knew what kind of Mom Wenxin needed.  And he knew what kind of son I needed.  God led us together and we are perfect for each other.


  1. Oh Dana, sorry to hear about your foot. I can only hope to have this kind of conversation with our son sometime in the future. Feeling perfect but waiting for words. Taking notes.....

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  3. I continue to follow your blog. I needed to read about your day at the beach as we continue to wait for the adoption of our waiting 7yo son (waiting for LOA). Our adopted son (home less than a year) is 4yo, so in many ways he was an older child adoption also. He has times like this when he wants me and doesn't want me all at the same time when he is frustrated or upset. I really feel for him! And with God's strength we will have empathy, like you, for our newest son! Thank you for sharing the snuggle moment with Wenxin. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with gratitude to catch a glimpse of how God loves us!!!

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