Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Favorite Posts Revisited: We Love Bubbles!

Here's a sweet memory from back in 2010, when we'd only been Wenxin's parents a few days.

Bubble bath is working for us! Every night before our guide leaves, Wenxin asks her to find out if Mama has bubbles for his bath tonight. For this kid, bubble bath makes everything better.

It's our last night in Beijing. What a full day. We left the room at 9:30 am and didn't get back until 8:30 pm. We started out by picking up Wenxin's Chinese passport at the police station. Then we spent about 5 hours at a huge science and technology museum. For Orlando folks, think about five times larger than the Orlando Science Center. Then we went to a Chinese acrobatics show. It was kind of cheesy but fun. Dinner was McDonalds. A walk around town and we were back home -- exhausted.

Mike points out to me that a couple of things happen to my speech in Asia. First, he says I get my Asian English voice. It kind of sounds like I'm trying to speak English with an Asian accent, and it kind of annoys him. Second, the longer I'm here, the more broken my English becomes. Here's a real conversation from today.

Dana: "Do you have receipt?"
Mike: " Yes, I have the receipt."

Mike: "I'm feeling sick."
Dana: "I have the Pepto Bismol."

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