Friday, July 30, 2010

Hope deferred makes the heart sick - How true!

Waiting, waiting, waiting.  For a couple of weeks we've been waiting on Travel Approval (TA) from China.  We're so close. . . but still waiting.  It should come next week.  I understand that I'm not "pregnant" with Joseph.  He's seven years old, for goodness sakes!  But this feels very much like the ninth month of pregnancy when it seems like the wait will go on forever.

Hope deferred, i.e. waiting, seems to be the theme of my summer.

We're still waiting for our new farm table to be rebuilt.  It should ship next week.  We're still waiting for the termite damage in the family room to be repaired.  "Next week," the guy said.  I'm waiting on Mike to finish painting the girls' bunkbeds so we can fix up the kids' rooms.  It really needs to be done by next week, before school starts.

Next week could be a really big week at our house.

Summer vacation has come and gone and I'm still waiting.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.  Proverbs 13:12.


  1. Hoping with you....
    Love, Sherri and Kirk

  2. Someday all your waiting will seem a distant memory, and you'll be basking in God's abundant blessings through your new, expanded family. So excited for you guys!

    'The other Dana B.' =)

  3. Dana - This is Kristen from My Story Lifebooks. You are a potential winner in my summer giveaway that was posted on the My Story Lifebooks Facebook page - can you get in touch with me? Either through a Private Message on Facebook, or email me at
    Thanks & Congrats!! Kristen

  4. ALL RIGHT! "next week" is almost over!!! where is IT!!??
    God must be planning some big party and it is taking awhile to get it ready!

  5. Chris - It finally came - today! Mei asked if we can travel on Aug 24 - honestly that seems too soon for me, but I'm going to talk it over with her in the morning and we'll probably go for it. She said we can do Aug 31 or Sept.7 if the 24th is too quick.


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