Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 26: Stitch Fix Just Keeps Getting Better!

Love those little style cards that give you ideas of how to wear each item
I'm going to interrupt the regularly scheduled older child adoption posts to tell you about Stitch Fix, my favorite splurge! Actually, I'd planned an adoption guest post for today, but my guest blogger, who is a busy adoptive mom herself, needed a little more time. I already had this post ready to go for August, and it's a lot more fun than anything I could crank out at the last moment. So here goes. . .

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service that's a whole lot of fun. To get started, you go online and fill out a detailed style profile, including your preferred price points for different items. 

For a twenty dollar styling fee (that can be applied to anything you buy from your Fix), your stylist picks five items especially for you and ships them to your door. You have three days to try them on with other items from your own closet. Then, you simply go online to checkout. Purchase the things you like and send the rest back in the postage paid bag that comes with your Fix. Like it all? You get a whopping 25% discount when you buy all five items. Shipping is free both ways. Easy and fun!

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After my first three Stitch Fixes, I was feeling pretty content to wait a while before scheduling another Fix. You might remember that one thing I love about Stitch Fix is that you only get a Fix when you request it -- there's no required monthly subscription.

But then, you ladies went Stitch Fix crazy. Crazy, I tell you! A bunch of you ordered your own Fixes through my referral link. So with referral credit just sitting there in my account, what was I to do? I ordered another Fix.

When you schedule a Fix, Stitch Fix lets you write a short note to your stylist with any special requests. This time I asked for a maxi dress and casual chic tops. (BTW, I don't really talk like that. Casual chic is Stitch Fix lingo for the kind of clothes most moms wear.)

Want to see what I got?

This cream colored flowy top was the least expensive item in my Fix. It fit beautifully and was flattering. It reminds me of that pink shirt from Fix #3, but it fits better and is much more affordable. Verdict: Kept.

I looked like a toddler boy in this shirt. That's a direct quote from one of my children. Plus, it was crazy expensive. This one item probably kept me from buying the whole Fix and scoring the 25% discount you get when you purchase everything. Darn toddler boy shirt! Verdict: Flung it back into the bag as quickly as possible.

I wanted to love this one. Doesn't it look lovely on the hanger? Great fabric. Felt expensive. But it was super clingy, accentuating every curve, even the ones that would be better hidden. Mike thought it had the va-va-vavoom factor. The kids thought I just looked plain fat. Hmmm. . . there could be a reason I don't take them clothes shopping with me. Verdict: Reluctantly sent it back. 
Maxi dress and crochet detail 3/4 sleeve top. Both of these were nice and flattering and unlike anything already in my closet. Verdict: Kept both.

I went online and gave Stitch Fix feedback on why I loved the things I kept and why I didn't love the things I sent back. I tweaked my Style Profile to mention that I don't want clingy fabric around my middle.

Then, I checked out and paid my balance. I popped the two shirts I didn't keep into the postage paid bag that came with my Fix, sealed it up, and dropped it in the nearest mailbox. Easy!

This Fix arrived right as I was heading out of town for our conference in Colorado. So there was really no time to model everything and get your input. But I have been snapping photos as I've worn the three things I kept.

Note the cute top, not the crazy-eyed, "I'm not used to taking my own picture" look.
I really, really love this top

This was my favorite Fix yet.

Stitch Fix is like the surprise of Christmas morning and the fun of playing dress up all rolled into one. Currently they style sizes 0-14. Hopefully, they'll increase that size range in the future. When you sign up, you may be put on a waiting list, depending on the availability of your size and style preferences. Usually the wait isn't too long.

If you decide to try Stitch Fix, please sign up through my referral link. I'm not affiliated with Stitch Fix in any way, but when you get your first Fix, Stitch Fix will give me a $25 credit. And better yet, when you get your first Fix, they'll give you your own referral link to share with your friends.

P.S. - I'm thinking I should do a Stitch Fix giveaway on the blog this fall. Would anyone like that? What kind of clothes do you need to add to your wardrobe? 

Check back tomorrow as we talk about naming your adopted child. When you adopt an older child, do you give them a new name? Keep their old name? Do some combo of the two? We'll tackle that topic tomorrow. See you then!

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  1. So glad my tardiness helped out! I think I am going to have to try closet is SAD!

    1. Haha. It did help out. Karen,I think Stitch Fix would do a great job styling you, although sometimes it takes them a couple of tries to begin to really know what you like. I used to love shopping, but now it's such a pain. I just don't have time. I really like getting that box, and if I don't buy anything,I'm only out twenty dollars, which is probably about what I'd spend on gas and lunch if I went shopping for the day. I think it's especially fun for bloggers. I was very intimidated to start posting photos, but honestly, the Stitch Fix posts are some of my most popular. It's like readers enjoy shopping vicariously with me -- Who knew? Or maybe they enjoy laughing at my photos. Anyway, it's a fun off topic thing to blog about.

  2. I love the cream top! It looks great on you. I've been looking at them everywhere here, they are just "the shirt of the season," but I can't find one that looks great on me.

    1. Oh, and I didn't know it was "the shirt of the season," because I don't get out much! Now I like it even more.

  3. I found your blog after looking for reviews of Stitch Fix. How expensive are most of the boxes if you buy the whole thing?

    1. Hi Gina. It really depends on where you set your price points. I have most of mine set for "as cheap as possible." The lowest priced item I've received was $38. I set my price point for dresses at $50-$100 and the most expensive item I've received was a $98 dress. There are 5 items in the box. They give you 25% off if you buy all 5 and they also apply your $20 styling fee to your purchase. Hope that helps.

  4. Love that maxi dress on you. It looks great!

  5. Intrigued by Stitch Fix. I might have to try it soon. Visiting from WFMW.

  6. Love the cream top too - what is the brand of the top? Thanks!


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