Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 6: Others Share About the First Days

These three posts by parents who adopted older children paint a picture of what their lives were like in those first days. Take a look!

What We Wish We Had Known

Is it really Day 6 already?

Six posts in six days -- I'm on a roll!

What an encouraging bunch you are! I loved how on Day 1 so many of you introduced yourselves, sharing your stories.  Today, would you take a moment to comment again, sharing at least one thing that's impacted you over this first six days? What are you taking away from this series so far? Did anyone take my suggestion on Day 1 and make an adoption toolbox on Pinterest? And finally, if you could ask me (and our guest bloggers this month) anything, what would you ask?

When you hit enter, your comment will be saved. As soon as I take a look at it (and determine you're not spamming me with promotions for your fake purse business, or your cheap prescription drugs, or your questionable website. . . ), I'll publish it. You can do this. Speak up, and let your voice be heard!


  1. Thank you for doing this series! I am really enjoying reading and reading from others, like the links above!

  2. Thank you for this series! I feel like we are adjusting quite well two months in, but I still gobble up these posts!

  3. I am learning how difficult it will be if we continue this path towards adoption. It has been very helpful reading the different perspectives. I would love to hear from parents of older child US adoptions as it seems most of the blogs I have come across are international adoptions. Since I am dealing with perimenopause as we are beginning this process, It would be helpful to know how other women have handled the two simultaneously. We are just beginning the process and the perimenopause emotional issues cause much fear and anxiety that I will not be prepared and strong enough to handle an older child's issues.

  4. I had read 2 of the three posts you cited before we adopted, but reading them again reinforces that it's OK not to be "in love" at first sight; that this is hard, no matter how prepared you are, and that's OK, too; and the article I hadn't read cited some good tips on bonding that I'm putting into practice first thing in the morning!

  5. Through the grace of God, I just found your blog this morning and I am so thrilled! As I write this, we are 4 days into a new family member. My husband's sister passed away very suddenly leaving behind a 6 year old little boy who had already had a great deal of trauma in his short life and now this also. We are going forward with the knowledge that we are all in God's hand and He is going to help us but we are nevertheless overwhelmed, scared, and tired. We are also a homeschooling family with two other children. Reading the posts on here this morning have been an absolute blessing. Thank you so much for the lifeline!


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