Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 25: The Post I Wish I Didn't Have to Write

Courtesy of Bangert and Dahlquist

Adoption ethics matter. I wish I didn't even have to say that.

Here are some things I've written on adoption ethics in the past. The last one is a guest post by an adopted adult who is also an adoption reform advocate.

Orphan Statistics Explained

National Adoption Month: What I've Come to Believe

Orphan Fever: Are Christians Naive?

Orphan Fever: Deception and Misunderstanding

There Can Never Be Too Much Love

There is a fine line between ethical adoption practices and unethical adoption practices, and as adoptive parents, we have a responsibility to be informed.

One day in the future our kids may ask us tough questions about the ethics of their own adoptions. We owe it to them to start thinking deeply about these issues today.

Wenxin and Nathan are in the orange car near the top!

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