Monday, April 30, 2012

Diary of a Crazed Homeschool Mom Part II

Today I read from a biography of Thomas Jefferson to the kids at snack time.  As I read that Jefferson married a young woman named Martha, Katherine's hand shot up.  "Why were so many first ladies named Martha?" she asked, mentioning that George Washington's wife was also named Martha.

I love it when they connect the dots. . . and ask questions. . . and draw conclusions. I was quite impressed with my youngest student -- despite the fact that Martha Jefferson died before her husband became president, and I don't think any other first ladies, besides Martha Washington, were named Martha.

We went on to read that Thomas Jefferson and his wife, Martha, had a daughter named  Patsy.  Katherine raised her hand again.  "Martha Washington's nickname was Patsy," she offered.

I could feel myself sitting up a little straighter.  I couldn't help but feel proud of the quality education happening right there in my little kitchen.  My kids have read a lot of biographies and historical fiction this year.  Katherine read a Martha Washington biography on her own.  It was a pretty long chapter book for a second grader.

"But the thing is," Katherine continued, "until you read that name today, I thought it was pronounced, Pasty.   The whole time I read my book on Martha Washington, I thought everyone was calling her Pasty."

Pasty Washington, First Lady.  You know like, " That powdered wig makes you look kind of pasty, Mrs. Washington."

C'mon, summer vacation!

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  1. HAH! "Pasty Washington"! How 'bout, instead of me writing a blog, I just read yours? Love it!


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