Our Adoption Toolbox

Here's peek inside my family's adoption toolbox.

The most helpful adoption book I own is  The Connected Child:  Bring Hope and Healing to your Adoptive Family, by Karyn Purvis. The publisher calls it a hope-filled resource for parents who have welcomed children: -- From other countries and cultures -- From troubled backgrounds -- With special behavioral or emotional needs.  This book taught us to think about parenting and handle discipline problems in a whole new way.  If I could only own one book about adoptive parenting, this would be it -- hands down.

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Parenting in a whole new way -- Here are some examples of how that looks in our family:

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While I'm passionate about older child adoption, it's not something a family should enter into naively.  Here are links to articles that helped me think realistically as we were preparing to adopt Wenxin:  What We Wish We Had Known, and To Adopt or Not to Adopt.  And here is a post that we found after we got home, that made me nod my head in agreement, knowing we were not alone:  After the Airport.

If you are in the process of adopting an older child, here are two exceptional blogs to check out: One Thankful Mom and Our Little Tongginator. Hang out a while. You'll learn a lot!