Our Adoption Journey

Boy or girl? Infant, toddler or older child? Domestic or international? Healthy or special needs? Adoptive parents are called on to make decisions that biological parents never face. Those decisions can be paralyzing.  Here's how God led our family in our decision to adopt an older child from China.

Why China?


The Thing That's Bothering Me

Katherine's Prayer

October 12, 2009, Pre-Approval for our Family to Adopt Fan Wen Xin


Wise Counsel

Once the decision was made, we were on to paper chasing and doing everything we could to prepare our hearts and our home for our new son!  Our "waiting child" adoption only took about a year.  Here are some highlights:

We Survived the Home Study Visit!

We're Getting a New Brother From China

Older Child Adoption and Attachment

Older Child International Adoption and Language

God's Provision

We Sent Our Dossier

Why Does It Take So Long?  Why Does It Cost So Much?

We were in China over two weeks.  Yes, it was expensive and yes, it was a long time to be away from our other kids, but the investment in our relationship with our new son was absolutely worth it.  You can follow our adventure below:

Death by Great Wall

Two Thumbs Up for the Beijing Zoo

We Love Bubbles

Arrived in Guangzhou

Say What?

As I Watch Him Play

Wenxin and the Paparazzi

Better Day for the Paparazzi

Red Couch Photos

Signing off from China

Airport Photos

First Night with all 4 Kids Under the Same Roof

Our Adoption Timeline

8/9/2009 - We filed a letter of intent to adopt Fan Wen Xin with the Chinese government.

10/1/2009 - We received pre-approval from the Chinese government to adopt Fan Wen Xin.

1/14/2010 - Homestudy completed!

1/19/2010 - i-800a filed with US Customs and Immigration

2/5/2010 - Began authenticating documents for our dossier

2/7/2010 - Passed Online Exam on Adoption Parenting

2/18/2010 - Fingerprinted by US Customs and Immigration

2/25/2010 - I-797 received from US Customs and Immigration

3/23/2010 - Mailed Dossier

4/6/2010 - Dossier logged in with CCAA in China

5/2/2010 - Applied to Show Hope for an Adoption Grant (didn't receive this grant)

5/13 2010 - Finished Hague Online Training

5/17/2010 - LOA - It's official!

6/17/2010 - I-800 provisional approval

8/5/2010 - Travel Approval

9/1/2010 - Flew to Beijing

9/3/2010 - Picked up our new son at the orphanage

9/19/2010 - Arrived home in Florida

And that's when the fun really began! And why I continue to blog.

The purpose of Death by Great Wall is to paint a picture of older child adoption in real life.