Friday, September 17, 2010

Red Couch Photos

It's a tradition at the White Swan Hotel for adopted kids to get their photos taken on a red sofa in the lobby.  I wasn't even going to try.  Wen Xin seems a little old to get all dressed up in a prissy traditional Chinese outfit.  And you know how he feels about being photographed.

But I caved.

And I'm really glad I did.

We bribed him with Coke.

I think it's also tradition for the whole family to do a portrait together on the red sofa, but that would be really pushing it.

We had the shop-owner who sold us the outfit convince Wen Xin it was really cool.

Did I mention that the White Swan is a really nice hotel?  Here are a few lobby photos.

Wonder if Wen Xin thinks this is where we live all the time?


  1. Barbie dolls and red sofas! Oh China, as Kirk's niece who is teaching English in Shenzhen would say. Hurry home! Love, Sherri

  2. So glad you caved -those pictures are awesome!!!!

  3. Karen - Every time I see the shadows on the sofa from my flash, I think of you! Your photos wouldn't have shadows.


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