Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh, The Trauma!

One of my dreams for our family is to have a big farm table and benches. I envision homeschooling around it and having big family meals with lots of kids. I can see that table becoming the "heart" of our home. I know. I know. That's a lot of emotional investment tied up in a table.

As we began the adoption process, I began looking for farm tables. I found out that "ready made" furniture these days doesn't have much "real wood," even if you are looking at higher end brands. Pottery Barn has the look I like, but they ask big bucks for tables made out of MDF. Same for Ethan Allen. Even Thomasville. Searching online, I found custom table makers (mostly in New England) and spent hours, longingly looking at "real wood" tables that were out of our price range.

Finally, I found a couple in North Georgia that do custom woodwork, including farm tables. Their prices were much more reasonable, as was shipping. (Mike let me know from the start that he was not paying $400 to ship a table from New England to Central Florida.)

At long last, the day arrived. My beautiful table and benches (pictured above - aren't they lovely?) arrived this morning -- damaged in shipping! They only sat in my dining room long enough for us to discover the eight inch gouge in the table top that no amount of "Restore a Finish" was going to hide. Oh, the trauma!

So they went back. . . for repair, replacement, refund? I'm not sure yet. So for now, I guess my dream of the perfect farm table will have to wait a little longer.


  1. It's beautiful! I hope things go better with the 2nd delivery! Had you looked at Wood You Furniture? I think that's where my sister got hers....she picked out the farm table she wanted, and then they stained it the color they wanted themselves, so it was a little work for them, but I think they were happy with the price.

    We have a big table in our formal dining room with permanent marker all over it. =( Someday we'll replace it, but that's not on the top of the priority list as of yet. We are replacing some doors, and remodeling Aaron's room though. I tell ya, there's enough work in this house to send me back to work full time (the paying kind of work that is)! =)

  2. We did look at Wood You and actually considered it. Since this big table is going to kind of be "the star of the show" in my living room / dining room, I was concerned that we would not be able to finish it in a way that it would be really beautiful. And (it's kind of funny now) I didn't want the stress of another "do it yourself" project.

  3. Table update - The woodworker is building us a brand new table top. There was no way to repair the damage to the top of the first table. So it will be 3 more weeks.


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